Video on the Approach:

The video is a brief description of sex and porn addiction and what treatment looks like with James and the Peloton Practice.

our Mission:

Peloton Counseling specialization is working with adults and adolescents around the area of porn and sex addiction.  Our mission is to help facilitate healing to oneself and with those whom you are in relationship. Sex and Porn Addiction is an intimacy / relationship disorder. There is a phrase that I think sums it up well which says, "we become 'hurt' from relationship and we become 'healed' through relationship". The goal is not just stopping the addiction but having so much more. Peloton's hope is that you can regain your heart so that you can not only have recovery but peace.

About the Process:

The first step towards recovery is asking for help. This surprisingly can be one of the biggest steps and one of the most healing in one's path to recovery. Asking for help can seem real obvious and often overlooked. But, the reality is that by asking for help we are surrendering ourselves to a process that is greater than oneself. We are not made to be in relationship alone. In fact, we are created as dependent and needy beings that is made to be seen and known by others. 

We view our role and task as sitting with you in the process and hopefully allow space for you to find your way through it.      |       374-2 Herron Drive, Nashville TN, 37210      |       (615) 212-5653