Power of Vulnerability and Definition of Shame

Brene Brown has become a sensation on the discussion of shame.  Here are a few excerpts from several of her videos...

"When you ask people about love…they tell you about heartbreak. When you ask about longing….they tell you about excruciating experiences of being excluded. When you ask people about connection…they tell you about disconnection. Shame is the fear of disconnection. It asks “Is there something about me that if other people know it or see it that I will not be worthy of connection.”"

"The less you talk about shame the more you have it. What underpins shame is excruciating vulnerability. In order for connection to happen…we have to be seen....There is only one difference being those with toxic shame and those without it…it is if you hold “love and belonging” for yourself. Its believing that you matter. Its believing that you are worthy...."

"The one thing that keeps you out of connection is believing that you are not worthy of connection.....Courage = from latin word “cour” original meaning is to tell your story with your whole heart"

Here are several links to videos by Brene...

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