Hooked on Porn, James Trone

What Does Treatment Look Like?

The goal of treatment is recovery. It requires receiving help outside of oneself. Addiction treatment and recovery cannot be done alone (isolation). This is where getting help from a trained professional is so important. One option for treatment is going through a treatment center for addictions. The other option is going through outpatient counseling / therapy with a therapist that provides a treatment plan for recovery. This option has worked if the person entering outpatient addiction counseling becomes fully immersed and involved in the treatment protocol. The recommended treatment protocol for sex and porn addiction is: 

  1. the individual attends weekly individual sessions

  2. surround yourself with some sort of community where you can be known. Some find 12 steps or other similar recovery groups to be helpful. My job is not to dictate or tell you what direction you should go. I think there are many paths to help you heal. If there is one common denominator is getting out of isolation and being surrounded by people who will care for you and not try to fix or shame you.

  3. after a season of healing, start couples counseling

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