These are One Day Workshops that provide a good jumpstart to specific areas of healing. We have found that many prefer and benefit from focused and targeted workshops so that one has time to focus and allow the space for some healing through a one-day format. These workshops are specifically geared towards necessary steps in the recovery process and have come from specific areas of needs. 

Facing the shadows 

Focused on the behavior and underlying motives of one's porn or sex addiction. Facing the Shadows is the material most treatment centers use around the country that treat sex and porn addiction. It provides for a more focused and targeted approach to into the pain of sexual addiction and the science behind our arousals. It also provides practical tools for living in recovery from sexual addiction. The name is as it suggests: facing that which may be uncomfortable, even frightening. Only by shining the light on and examining these dark places will lasting and significant healing take place. This powerful workshop has 6 spots only. RSVP by calling or emailing.


women's healing

This group covers multiple topics and can apply to many woman experiencing various relational wounds. For some it is healing from betrayal, others it is recovery from wounds of either narcissistic spouses or parents. But most common among all the woman attending the workshop is the healing around wants and needs. This group helps make sense of why it is so hard for self-care and often unknown wounds that have attributed to codependency. We will be focusing on the anxiety that comes up from stating our needs and boundaries and also provide space to heal those deep wounds of abandonment and shame.


couples in recovery

An interactive group workshop is directly focused and geared towards couples seeking healing and trust. The goals are to enhance connection, strengthen communication, and rebuild trust with their significant other. The pain of conflict and broken trust is often times debilitating. With this workshop, you and your partner will learn healthy ways to connect to each other, learn about "healthy fighting", and notice the signs of "going crazy". We provide a safe place for couples to communicate with one another, and the group setting allows all who attend to see that they are not alone in the struggles they encounter. This group is not for couples in immediate crisis due to very recent discovery / disclosure but is more geared for couples at least several months into the healing journey.  Due to the intimate nature of this workshop, space is limited. Call or email us for dates and time. 


healing parental enmeshment

This group is designed specifically and separately (*) for men and their mothers and (*) women healing from their father relationship. The purpose and focus is to bring awareness of how one's parent made their children partners and the impact of such relationship on one's current life. This group is often for those already in recovery from sex, love addiction, or with codependency.  The benefit of the group is to help draw out the specifics of what happened and also how to heal from those wounds. This group is often coincides very well with current intimacy struggles with one's current partner because of the unrealized pain from the past.